in nature.

The First Thirty

We support early stage tech companies regenerating the planet.

Our goal is to regenerate 30 Million hectares by 2030.  

The first thirty cm of soil is the world’s most precious and undervalued asset. Soil provides an outsized opportunity for both planetary and economic yield.

Soil is a rich, complex ecosystem that provides the life systems we need to survive: clean air, water and food.

Features that fit our ecosystem:

Impact Driven

Intentionality is at the heart of what drives our regenerators. Teams that have purpose rooted in their DNA are passionate about delivering positive outcomes.

Revenue Focused

Doing good sustainably means seeking business models that profit from nature's regeneration. There is no shortage of opportunity when partnering with the planet.

Metrics Obsessed

Measurement helps to monitor, model and prove that the ideas, business models and solutions are actually working, or when they need to be refocused.

Exponentially Scalable

Solving for complex planetary problems requires minimizing resource usage while maximizing impact, delivery speed and quality.

Technology Centric

Technology boosts development speed and information exchange to better manage Earth's resources sustainably, efficiently and with the urgency required.


A deep understanding of the problems within a complex system of actors and how to unlock them are crucial in solution development.

Measuring our Performance


Total land under regeneration
Emissions captured or avoided
Biodiversity Net Gain


Rate of adoption and growth
Data provided to nature based solutions


Customer revenue towards regeneration
Economic reward for ecosystem services
Rate of Impact Improvement